22 October 2007

The Dude with the Head at The Pig

The Tribe choked. Best of luck to the BO Sox and the CO Rocks. 'Nuff said.


I would be remiss if I didn't blog about my Saturday afternoon at The Pig. (Long live The Pig!) One of the highlights of the afternoon - besides the great weather, great drinks, great conversation, and great company - was the Dude with the Head. Sometime between talking about awarding the Nobel Prize for War to W. and fending off the numerous attacks by the paparazzi (we were sitting with someone who, it turns out, is quite the celebrity in Ghana, or some other obscure country), a guy pusing a stroller walked by. In the stroller was not what one would expect to find in a stroller. Strollers, I've observed, traditionally have small children in them. Apparently, the bald dude in coveralls walking up 9th street didn't get that memo. In his stroller, was nothing more than the head of a mannequin.

Assuming this is not the result of some mental defect (which would be sad, no doubt), how should we interpret this?
  • Bored with life in the mansion, Bob, millionaire owner of several successful clothing stores, dons the coveralls of his youth and pushes "Betty" through the streets to pass the time on a Saturday afternoon.
  • "I swear, I was at this garage sale, bought this cool stroller for my baby girl, and this head fell out of the sky and landed in it on the way home."
  • Mannequin Parts Wholesale Direct - Custom heads delivered to your door; same day service.
  • "The head represents, like, the angst of today's youth, man. I mean, yeah, like, we're all just heads in a stroller, like, being pushed around by the government. Peace, bro."
  • "Well, we'll give you $5 for the torso and $2 each for the limbs. We've already got plenty of heads, though."
  • Today only: Buy a stroller and take 50% off all mannequin heads! (While supplies last.)
Chances are, however, it was just some sort of frat hazing thing. (Right?)


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