15 October 2007

Clandestine Book Sales

Ever come across what you believe to be a "best kept secret"? Something you avoid telling other people about for fear word will get out? Well, here's mine:


Why am I letting this one out? Two reasons:

1. My fear of too many people finding out about this is ridiculous, largely because,
2. Many of you will probably find it way to too geeky/boring to care anyway!

So, now that the feline has exited its flexible container, let me tell you why I think the above site is awesome:

Reason the First: Finding some of these sales is half the fun. Bookstores going out of business in Podunk aren't exactly well-marked in a Rand McNally road atlas. Even if you don't wind up spending a penny at the sale, you now know where Podunk is...and while you're there, you can try a sandwich at that place on Main Street with "Café" literally written over the door. It'll probably be the best food you've had all week. At the very least, good conversation is a virtual slam dunk guarantee.

Reason the Second: The "bag sale" might be the best idea ever concocted by a librarian. "Buy" a plastic bag for, say $5, and you keep as much as you can put in it.

Reason the Third: Most often, the books are not obscure titles, nor are they always beat up, thousand-times read library copies. (Though there are typically ample quantities of both.) If you're patient and thorough, you can discover some fantastic deals.

Reason the Fourth: I'm convinced very few people go to these sales in the right frame of mind. If you go to, e.g., a library sale looking for a good 1st ed. copy of Moby Dick, you might as well stay home. However, if you're an avid reader, like me, these sales are goldmines. This is especially true if you're fond of non-fiction.

Reason the Last (but not the Least): You should be able to find a few book sales at libraries near you. Even if you don't read that much, you cannot beat the deals at these sales. Even without "bag sales" most books are < $2-3; more often in the $0.50-1.00 range. And the best part is that you're supporting your local library. If you haven't been there is a while (or ever), one of these sales might give you the perfect excuse.

Happy Reading!


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