08 October 2007

Noise Stories

I was turned onto Garret Keizer's work-in-progress by a post on the Cross•Spectrum blog several weeks ago. (A link to the Cross•Spectrum blog is provided to the right under "Links.")

Mr. Keizer is working on a book and would like input from folks with experience—any kind of experience—in noise. Here's the URL to his page:


If any of my readers (do I have any readers?) have such experience—and I know you who you are—drop Mr. Keizer a line!

I'm considering drafting some prose describing the many experiences I've had with people who, once they find out I deal with noise on an almost daily basis, inquire whether active noise control will eliminate the sound of their neighbor's barking dog. Thus far, I have refrained from answering in the affirmative and getting them to hire me to design a huge wall of loudspeakers along their property line. (Mwah-hah-hah-hah!!!)


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