23 February 2008

Douglas Coupland

I believe Douglas Coupland is probably the greatest author of my generation - certainly my favorite born in the last 50 years. My wife and I just got through reading his latest book, The Gum Thief, and it's absolutely brilliant. His two best books, in my estimation, are All Families are Psychotic and jPod. The latter is now a TV series in Canada. If you're lucky enough to be a Canadian resident, you can watch the first few episodes here.

Noteworthy aside: When my wife and I figured out that only Canadians can watch Canadian TV shows on the Internet - duh! - we soon figured out that we're closer (driving distance) to Winnipeg than we are to New Orleans. Who says Kansas is in the middle of nowhere? Thus, it looks like we'll be doing a road trip when jPod comes out on DVD!!! 8^D

Anyway, if you are a bonafide Gen-Xer, I am willing to bet you will thoroughly enjoy Coupland's work. Happy reading!


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