18 November 2007

Random things for Today

Random sound link for Today: http://www.sound101.org/index.php.

Random inquiry for Today (No. 1): Remember when Southwest had seats that faced backwards? Do they still have those?

Random thought for Today: If I were to create a
Second Life, my propensity for all things Geek would most likely lead to it becoming my First Life.

Random musical suggestion for Today:
Mary J. Blige - Growing Pains (in stores in December).

Random inquiry for Today (No. 2): Of all the possible catchy-songs-I-don't-want-stuck-in-my-head-all-weekend, why oh why oh why did Jeep have to pick Andy Kim's Rock Me Gently? It's bonehead moves like that that make me swear off a product...

Random acoustics-article-you-should-read Today

Finally, Random advice for Today: In your life, strive to get at least one person to call you a sesquipedalian.


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