11 November 2007

decialexanders re 20 microblaises

Been catching up on some periodical reading lately. To that end:

  • If you're a Syn-Aud-Con member, check out Jim Sorensen's column ("Sorensen Sez...") in the Fall 2007 newsletter. It was right in line with all the bloviating I've been doing about the names of things. (The title of this blog was developed using Jim's concepts.)
  • If you subscribe to Sound & Vibration Magazine, you should check out the, IMHO, excellent S&V Observer piece from the September 2007 issue. If you don't get it, you can still read it online (PDF), albeit with a few typos.
  • Finally, I noticed some nice pictures of the post-production facility at Lakewood Church in (and on the cover of) the September 2007 issue of Church Production magazine. I happen to know that the live room acoustical treatments (visible through the control room window in the cover photo - which, sadly, I could not find a good view of on their site*) were installed back in 2005 by a really cool dude and a few of his equally really cool colleagues at Auralex and RBDG, Inc. A nice article - "Pillar to Post" by Dan Daley - about post-production in houses of worship accompanies the photos. Looks like you'll have to find/buy a back issue to appreciate it, though.

*See also a 2006 press release for a reasonably similar photo.


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