30 October 2007

Dynamics Dirge...in C-major?

Cross•Spectrum has featured my blog a couple of times, so I thought it time to return the favor:


This post reminded me of another website recently linked in a Studiotips thread:


I'm 100% in favor of stopping the madness when it comes to the burgeoning boom-boom and rising ruckus that currently plagues popular music. All signs point to dynamics dying a slow death, which is not good news. Music theory 101: Dynamics are right up there with timbre, key, tempo, etc. - basic properties of music. If we lose dynamics, what's next? "Gosh, we really like this record, Ms. Popstar, but can you re-record it in the key of F# at 132 bpm? Otherwise, it won't sell a single unit on iTunes."

It might seem outrageous, but:

"Most slot machines sounds are in C-major to avoid sounding dark or sinister."

Hopefully, this is a case of something happening in Vegas that most assuredly stays there.


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