13 November 2008

Sonar, Musical Instruments, and Color Schemes (oh my?)

Some stuff for (almost) the end of the week:
Wired magazine blog about futuristic musical instruments. Didn't Jean Michel Jarre play lasers - or columns of light, at least - back in the '80s?
U.S. Supreme Court rules for Navy re sonar use. This is one of those issues that I can't help but be on the fence about...
• Finally, Sound and Vibration magazine is, IMO, one of the better periodicals in my world. The thing I got to thinking about today was the color schemes for their covers. For each issue, S&V uses a different two-color scheme for the title and background. This got me to wondering if they've ever repeated a color scheme. (I know; don't I have better things to do?) Math quickly told me that they would never have to for a very long time. Assuming they are picking from a 256-color palette:
256² give you the number of possible schemes.
Less 256 to remove the schemes that would result in the same color for the title and background.
Answer: 65,280 possible color schemes.
At 12 issues per year, we are guaranteed a unique color scheme on every new issue of S&V until the year 7407 A.D. (They've been publishing since 1967.) I can't wait until the 5,000th anniversary issue comes out!!! 8^D


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