13 August 2008

ThinkGeek Plug

I just reviewed my blog posts from the last few months and I realized that I have been extremely remiss in not passing along a link to my new favorite e-store, ThinkGeek.com. The miniSavants were oh-so-very good to DaddySavant this year for Father's Day: The binary clock has earned a feature spot on one of my cubicle shelves, squarely between my Bob Uecker bobblehead and my rack of Noise News International back issues.
I would strongly encourage those among you who have zeroes and ones in your blood and every episode of Dr. Who on your DVR to pass along the link to ThinkGeek.com to friends and family right around holiday shopping season. My email to Savant family members will read something like, "If you're thinking about buying anything for me this year, everything for sale at ThinkGeek.com is on my wish list." (Except the binary clock...but I could always use another one for my home office!!! 8^D )


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