02 January 2008

Happy Asimov Day!

On this day in 1920*, in that sleepy little burg we all know as Petrovichi, Russia, a sci-fi legend was born. If you've never read any Isaac Asimov - and even if you're not a fan of sci-fi - you owe it to yourself to at least add one (or seven) of his great works to your "to-read" pile. If you prefer galactic sagas, I suggest the Foundation novels. If you're a closet R2-D2 or Data fan, you can't go wrong with any of the Robot books.
Asimov was one of the genres most prolific writers. Even his non-fiction is simply oustanding.
So, I declare this Asimov Day - I hope yours is a good one!!!
*At least, this the the day that Mr. Asimov himself celebrated - his exact DOB is not known with any certainty. See Asimov's Wiki entry for more.


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