29 January 2008

Acoustics & Climate Change

I have to admit that I'm somewhat reluctant to jump on any bandwagon, let alone the most recent one related to global climate change. Of course, I am trying to be a responsible citizen of Earth. I am not a "climate change denier." But neither am I an avid Algore-ite. It's actually quite simple: My mental gag-reflex kicks in when anything scientific becomes overly politicized. But that's just me...and I am NOT going to bLog about my opinions on the quagmire of issues.
Nonetheless, here is a bLog for you with some blurbs about how the whole climate change thing has overlapped with the acosutics world:
  • For an entertaining exchange amongst acoustics folk (Savant included) on the issue, you can visit at least one (there are too many, lol!) hijacked Studiotips thread. :)
  • If you're in the green building biz - LEED and all that (not to be confused with LEDE, of course 8^) ) - then check out Michael Noble's piece in the Summer 2005 ASA newsletter, Echoes.
  • Finally, a favorite acoustical foam manufacturer of mine has now incorporated, of all things, soy components into their products to reduce carbon emissions, etc. (You still can't eat it, though.) Check out Studiofoam-eco at the Auralex site!


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