12 December 2007

Airport? What airport?

Got this Popular Science article emailed to me from a colleague. For those of you who like percentages when considering sound (I don't), this new jet would be roughly 99.999998% "quieter" - in terms of sound pressure - than most of the existing jets out there. Just think of how serene our surroundings would be if similar sound sources were equally reduced - in terms of sound pressure.
  • I could stand 50 feet from a garbage truck and never hear it.
  • I could get my leaf blower out, blow the leaves around my yard, and look like Luke Skywalker out there clearing a path using nothing but the Force.
  • There'd be nothing but the sounds of people walking and talking (screaming) into their cell phones along our cities' busy streets.
  • "Stealth" technology would take on a whole new meaning.

Interesting stuff to consider, to say the least... ;^)


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