24 April 2009

Acoustical Miscellany

Some bits and bobs for this week / month:
Those amongst you with a penchant for sci-fi may be familiar with the steampunk subgenre. I'm not a huge fan of steampunk, but I have to admit that I hold a special place in my heart for The Wild Wild West TV show from the '60s. How does this relate to acoustics? Well, a new online steampunk publication, Steampunk Magazine, provides issues for free download. The first issue (PDF) had a couple of articles that will be interesting to the musical acoustics enthusiasts among you; check out "The Pyrophone" on page 9 and "Glass Armonica" on page 10.
Colleague Jeffrey Fullerton, of Acentech, writes for The Journal of New England Technology about considering acoustics during the meeting planning process. Excellent advice.
This is an interesting article on some work being undertaken at Youngstown State University on using laser scanning of large performance venues to help analyze acoustics. The article doesn't go into much detail on the how, but I think it shows promise: I can envision a future where a consultant can perform a few scans if an existing space that import the results directly into a acoustical modeling program (such as one of these). This would save considerable time poring over drawings and inputting data points by hand.
Finally, don't forget next Wednesday (29 April 2009) is International Noise Awareness Day. Do your part to help spread the quiet! 8^)

13 April 2009

Best Public Service Announcements...Ever.

Today, I love the Canadians. :)