20 March 2008

Just in time for Easter, Studiotips rises...

Fortunately - this time - a misunderstanding. Disaster averted. Savant is glad to have his e-home back. And very relieved... 8^D

03 March 2008

Happy Birthday, Pa Bell!

Alexander Graham Bell: Well, we did it Watson. What an afternoon. We finally perfected the first telephone.
Thomas Watson: Yeah, uh, hey listen, somebody called me today. Uh, whoever it was, said some very sexual things, very angry, sexual things.
Alexander Graham Bell: Oh, really? Probably just some teenagers somewhere... damn them.
Thomas Watson: Well, well that's, that's the thing. I mean, there's, there's only two phones, in the, well, in the world and one of them is in my office and the other one is in your office and those two didn't even exist until a few hours ago.
Alexander Graham Bell: Yikes, I could use a distraction right now.
Maybe a less-than-tasteful tribute, but humurous nonetheless (IMO)... :D